Hi there, I am Potato from the English wiki. I have removed the images of Squirrelflight and Hollyleaf from their pages. This is because those images do not belong to you - they belong to Warriors Wiki. That is a copyright violation. Please keep in mind that, unless you have permission, having those images there isn't okay. -Potato sorry...i didnt know that...

It's fine. Also, remove the image of Ruby's loner from her page as well. Either make your own blanks and art or use nothing. That's my tip tp you. -Potato


Ostro, are you going to get to it? It's still there. -Potato

i need help to delete it.Did you know how to delete it?ps. Im from the English wiki too but i cant make normal name so please call me Cinder.

You got the image. It's gone. -Potato


Hello,i need your help to delete the image.The image is not gone...I make the picture VERY small...So,Can you help me to delete it?

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